Fullmoon Party 2022

The Full Moon party which is now back up and running after 2 years of being closed due to the pandemic. The full moon party that is held once a month on the full moon. Thousands of tourists flock to this once in a lifetime party.

Party Dates




THURSDAY, 28 JANUARY Monday, 17 January Friday, 6 January
SATURDAY, 27 FEBRUARY Thursday, 17 February Sunday, 5 February
SUNDAY, 28 MARCH Thursday, 17 March Tuesday, 7 March
MONDAY, 26 APRIL Saturday, 16 April Friday, 7 April
THURSDAY, 27 MAY Monday, 16 May Friday, 5 May
THURSDAY, 24 JUNE Tuesday, 14 June Sunday, 4 June
MONDAY, 26 JULY Friday, 15 July Sunday, 2 July
MONDAY, 23 AUGUST Saturday, 12 August Thursday, 3 August
TUESDAY, 21 SEPTEMBER Saturday, 10 September Friday, 29 September
FRIDAY, 22 OCTOBER Tuesday,11 October Monday, 30 October
FRIDAY, 19 NOVEMBER Tuesday, 8 November Monday, 27 November
SUNDAY, 19 DECEMBER Thursday, 8 December Wednesday, 27 December

Please note that party dates do change by either 1 day forward or 1 day backward, due government events and Buddhists events.


The area that the Phangan Cove resort is located is Srithanu, Srithanu is famous for being the Yoga central of Surathani, even all of Thailand. In this village you will find an abundance of Yoga centers. Yoga is extremely popular on this side of the Island because two of the largest Yoga establishments are based in Srithanu. One is Agama Yoga and the other is Orion Health center which is around 5 mins walk from Phangan Cove.

The village has built up a reputation of having a number of restaurants dedicated to healthy foods, vegan foods etc.. You will also find a number of small stalls selling fruit and vegetables and they also do delicious freshly squeezed fruit juices and smoothies.

Teacher training center Yoga One is also only 10 mins walk from Phangan Cove. Skakti Yoga and Ananda Yoga also not far from the resort.

Beach Restaurant

A beautiful location on Srithanu beach is the beautiful restaurant of Phangan Cove resort. The setting is beach front, and a perfect sight of the sunset. A pleasurable dining experience with a big selection of foods from the menu. A quiet and tranquil location with a chilled out ambience.