New Swimming Pool Phangan Cove

Phangan Cove decided to build a swimming pool next to the beach in-front of the restaurant. The pool will be free to use for all our guests that stay at our resort. The swimming-pool will be finished in approximately two weeks, around the 7th of December 2017. Almost all the main building work is complete and its now in the final phase of finishing.

We hope this new feature will be a great add on for the resort of Phangan Cove. So you will soon be able to enjoy delicious food and drinks and laze around the pool at Phangan Cove.

Rooms and bungalow prices will not change or be going up in price.

Koh Phangan Zoning, 5 Zones

Koh Phangan one of the most beautiful Islands in the Gulf of Thailand which is better known as the Full Moon party Island which happens every full moon on the beach of Haad Rin. Koh Phangan sites between Koh Tao and Koh Samui and makes a unique location to visit. The Island has so much more to offer that many tourists who come to Koh Phangan for the full moon party never explore the rest of the Island.

The Island offers great health and wellness programs, shopping, fishing, sport activities and so much more for all ages. Recently the Island has been divided into five zones to enhance and promote the areas and there opportunities for tourists. The locals and hotel association of Koh Phangan have agreed to make their own tourist zones to help promote each sector of the Island for its activities, development and businesses.

The five zones are: Centre of Lifestyle, Full Moon Destination, Heritage & Nature, Into the Sea and Health & Wellness Tourism.

Zone 1 – Commercial, Centre of Lifestyle

This is the main hub for the Island, the largest town on the Island which has the largest piers. Here you find banks, transportation and an abundance of shops, markets.

Zone 2 – Full Moon Party

The world famous full moon party, this is Haad Rin, the largest tourist area with one of the most beautiful beaches on the Island.

Zone 3 – Natural Beauty – Heritage and Nature

The natural protected zone of the Island, waterfalls and jungle. 40% of Koh Phangan is untouched, the part of the Island that is quiet, natural and peaceful.

Zone 4 – Into the Sea – Fishing

The little village of Chalouklom , the fishing village where most of the fishing industry works from. This spot also known as the place of diving centers. Also a great place for dining and getting some of that fresh fish.

Zone 5: Health and Wellness tourism

This is where Phangan Cove is based and this is the quiet relaxed zone for yoga retreats, healthy detox meals and vegetarian cafes. This zone is a place to connect to your spiritual side.

The five zones will help Phangan develop correctly and organized to keep the party areas the party areas and the natural areas protected.

Phangan Burgers

Although there are a number of burger places on Koh Phangan that all serve good quality burgers, Phangan Cove is one of those in the top 5 places on the Island for its great tasting burgers. Phangan Burgers can be found around the Island but only some of them stick out as being realluygood tasting. Here at Phangan Cove they serve up a burger with fresh beef cooked to perfection with a fresh bun and a selection of sides including french fries. Considred to be one of the best places in Shrithanu if not Koh Phangan for great tasting and belly filling burgers. Freshly sourced ingredients to bring you the ultimate burger.

A delicious burger with a beer or coke to be enjoyed right on the beach while watching the sunset. Phangan Cove has got to be one of the best spots on the Island to light up your taste buds with a great burger.

Phangan Cove has a large selection of choices on the menu to satisfy all. The restaurant is part of the resort and located right on the beach of Shrithanu. Comfortable seating, low prices good atmosphere and an excellent sunset. Come and try our Phangan Burger.