Phangan Cove - Beach Restaurant

Phangan Cove has a superb restaurant right on the beach serving all kinds of food including Western and Thai Cuisine. A perfect place for beachfront dining. A great place to eat at all times of the day and also a great spot for watching the sunset and enjoying a mouth-watering meal. Served artistically, nouvelle cuisine style. The restaurant has a huge menu with something for everyone including a wide variety of breakfasts. The food is presented extremely well and will not disappoint your taste buds. Excellent selection of shakes and cocktails are also available. The Chef Eui presents some of the best food on the Island and is always producing outstanding results with her cuisine.

The restaurant has various seating areas for either a proper sit down meal or a traditional chilled out Thai bed with a small table, even hammocks are located next to the tables. There are small tables and deck chairs directly on the beach for those who prefer beach styled dinning. No matter what kind of night you want you will always find comfortable seating at Phangan Cove for your required night.

The restaurant and resort face the West coast so you can see a sizzling sunset every day to set you up nicely for a beautiful dinner. This romantic and pretty location will please almost anyone.

Friendly staff operate the terraces and beach tables.
Open all day from 8am to late Phangan Cove has a romantic setting and enjoyable and great quality food. Prices are reasonable and has been known for to be great value for money.


Phangan Cove restaurant welcomes any kind of events. Please consult with us, to see how we can help you create your event, wedding, birthday or any other type of occasion. We can prepare buffet meals for large groups.


Open Daily: 8 am. till late

Reservations are welcome : Book in advance for any special occasions, large groups etc.