Srithanu Beach

On the far West side of Koh Phangan about 30 meters from the main road lies a small white sandy beach called Shri Thanu Beach. The village nearby is called Baan Sri Thanu hence why the beach has been named Sri Thanu beach or in Thai Ao Sri Thanu. Its got a width of nearly 100 meters and the length of the beach is about 500 meters. Its totally covered in white sand with a few resorts and restaurants at the back of the beach including Phangan Cove. On the right side of the beach you will find an inlet which the fisherman use to moor there boats, this also a supply route or run off for the lake which is further North of Baan Shri Thanu.Also on the left side you will see alot of rocks sticking out of the water and at the end you will see a small lighthouse to guide boats. Also on the left side you will find the late night bar called Three Monkeys, which is an excellent little meeting place for a few drinks. The lake called Laem Som Lake has a small river of water that runs the entire length of the beach, at the back part of all the resorts. Bridges all the way along can easily be found to access the beach from the main road and Baan Sri Thanu. The right side of the beach breaks into rocks with a path way leading to the next beach, which makes an interesting walk.