Shri Thanu is a small village on the North West coast of Koh Phangan, this small village has its own personality with a selection of local businesses from local Thai families that have been long term residents of the Island. Baan Shri Thanu has a wide selection of your typical Thai styled restaurants with a few of this offering foreigner food. You will also find a Middle Eastern food restaurant, an Italian Restaurant, Japanese and many more. Shri Thanu selection of restaurants has improved over the past year or so.
Shri Thanu also has a few shops like a 7/11, pharmacy, grocery store and bakery. There is also a choice of massage parlors for a traditional relaxing Thai massage and travel shops to book any kind of ongoing adventure for your holiday. A number of laundry shops that will iron and repair clothes. Further North up the road from ShrThanu you will find a large lake and in this area, you will find another great choice of restaurants.
Shri Thanu is well known for two of its Yoga retreats, Agama and Yoga One which offer a range of different courses about Yoga and Spiritual workshops. Then there is Orion Healing Centre which offers Yoga, Detox courses, Reiki and Holistic packages, both are within walking distance from Phangan Cove and offer a range of yoga courses, detox, and other healing treatments. Shrithanu has its own beach which the resort of Phangan Cove sits on. The beach is divided by a small river inlet from the sea and small wooden bridges cross at different points along the back part of the beach. See Shri Thanu Beach