Phangan Burgers

Although there are a number of burger places on Koh Phangan that all serve good quality burgers, Phangan Cove is one of those in the top 5 places on the Island for its great tasting burgers. Phangan Burgers can be found around the Island but only some of them stick out as being realluygood tasting. Here at Phangan Cove they serve up a burger with fresh beef cooked to perfection with a fresh bun and a selection of sides including french fries. Considred to be one of the best places in Shrithanu if not Koh Phangan for great tasting and belly filling burgers. Freshly sourced ingredients to bring you the ultimate burger.

A delicious burger with a beer or coke to be enjoyed right on the beach while watching the sunset. Phangan Cove has got to be one of the best spots on the Island to light up your taste buds with a great burger.

Phangan Cove has a large selection of choices on the menu to satisfy all. The restaurant is part of the resort and located right on the beach of Shrithanu. Comfortable seating, low prices good atmosphere and an excellent sunset. Come and try our Phangan Burger.