Weather on Koh Phangan

The Island operates slightly different to the mainland weather patterns and even the sister Island Koh Samui has had completely different weather compared to here in Phangan. Often we see thunderstorms come crashing in and be gone within an hour. That is the nature of the Islands weather is very unpredictable, but overall the weather on Phangan is relativity calm.

The shift of the seasons across the mainland does tend to bring us more rain or sun at different periods of the year. January to March can bring some heavy rain storms, but at the same time the temperatures are cooler and more manageable for those who are not used of the heat. April, May and June are the hottest months of the year and for those who are not used to hot temperatures it can become unbearable.

July, August and September can slightly cooler temperatures and the chance of more rainfall. October and November brings more rainfall than any time of the year and cooler temperatures. December the climate starts change with less rains and more sunny days.